List of functions

gm_planar(absS, x)

planar magnetic structure constraint function

[S, k, n, name, pname, limit] = GM_PLANAR(M0, x)

The function generates the parameters of arbitrary planar magnetic structure from phi angles (radian), ordering wave vector (rlu) and spin plane normal vector (xyz).

  • x – Input parameters in the following order: \((\varphi_1, \varphi_2, ... , k_x, k_y, k_z, n_\theta, n_\phi)\).
  • absS – Size of the spins: \((S_1, S_2, ...)\) or scalar if all moments are equal.

  • S – Array, containing the spin orientations with dimensions of [3 nMagExt]. Every column contain the \([S_x; S_y; S_z]\) magnetic moment components of a magnetic atom in the xyz coordinate system.
  • k – Magnetic ordering wavevector in rlu units in a row vector.
  • n – Normal vector around which the spins are rotating for non-zero k-vector in a row vector.
  • name – String, storing the name of the function. Optional.
  • pname – Name of the input parameters in a cell: {‘Phi1_rad’, ...}. Optional.
  • limit – Limits on the input parameters, dimensions are [2 nParam]. Every column contains a lower and upper limit on the corresponding parameter. Optional.

See also

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